Two Proven Strategies To Quit Smoking

If you would like to stop smoking, there are many different strategies that you can implement in order to achieve this goal. Your ability to stop smoking is based upon a lot of factors which include your own internal motivations, how long you have been smoking, and strategy that you actually implement. There are two strategies that many people abuse over the years which have allowed them to stop smoking sometimes within a few weeks. These strategies are presented here, and if you take the time to use them, one of them will work for you.

Using Pharmaceutical Drugs

Most people are not aware of the fact that you can go to your doctor and talk to them about getting a prescription in order to help end your smoking habit. You can quit smoking using a variety of drugs that have been approved by the FDA. One of the most popular ones is Wellbutrin which is very popular, although it does have significant side effects. Although it is used primarily as an antidepressant, it can actually help with anxiety and helping people to stop smoking. If you think about it, the reason that you smoke is not just the addiction to the nicotine, but also the way that you feel everyday. Perhaps your life is not the way you have wanted it to be in quite some time, and because of this depression, you smoke on a regular basis. By improving the way they feel using this antidepressant, people are able to stop smoking sometimes within a few weeks. Other drugs that you can take include Chantix, Clonidine and Nortriptyline which have helped thousands of people moved toward a smoke-free life.

Electronic Cigarettes

If you are able to get to a computer, you will be able to search for electronic cigarettes. There are several different companies now that have these available, and they are an invention that is very unique. Using a device called an atomizer which looks very similar to the white part of the cigarettes were the tobacco is typically contained, this is actually a device that is activated when you inhale which vaporizes a liquid that contains nicotine and flavoring. This solution is contained in a cartridge which is screwed onto the bottom of the atomizer. When you inhale, it vaporizes or vapes the e-liquid allowing you to inhale it. Depending upon the strength of the nicotine, you can actually match how it feels when you smoke regular cigarettes, something that many people are unable to achieve with nicotine patches or nicotine gum. By trying out one of these ecigs, you can quickly determine whether or not it is going to replace the nicotine that you have in your cigarettes, and if it does, you will be well on your way to your goal to quit smoking using this innovative product.

The ability to stop smoking is something that many people dream about, but many often fail to achieve. If you want to quit smoking, you can either use the pharmaceutical drugs that were mentioned in this article, or you can try electronic cigarettes to see what they can do for you. Each person is different, but unless you try them out, you may never know if it is possible to do. Any goal is achievable, and using these solutions, your desire to stop smoking may be within your grasp.